Missing cases

When someone is reported missing , there is always a great stress for relatives , and many choose to contact clairvoyants hoping to get answers to what happened to their loved ones. I think as a clairvoyant you need to be very careful to contact relatives , nor wait to be contacted.

In such a situation I take never paid for the work I do, even though it is demanding. And in the past there has been a lot of work to find the missing person, and I learn a lot from working so. I am so fortunate to have with me researcher Torstein Røyne and a photographer documenting everything.

Per-Arne Hestenes

Disappeared 8. November 2014. Found 4 December 2014

Per-Arne Hestens was found dead of a private rescue crews in Breim in Gloppen, for the next one month exploration. Approximately one week in advance Michael had marked on a map where he thought the missing persons whereabouts. Michael and his team went even up to Gloppen to look in that particular area the weekend before he was found. But because of snow and difficult terrain they had to give up the search without any findings. Michael was after this trip just more confident that the missing person were in this area. A few days later the missing person was found after instructed by Michael just outside the area he had pointed out. Per-Arne has probably walked into the woods in the dark and frozen to death.

Michael writes in an email to a researcher and relatives to Per-Arne that he believes the missing person has passed what is called the “waterfall”. He has come from the right, passed, possible slid and turned a little here and gotten wet. He moves upward. Michael sees that he is about 500 meters from this waterfall in a spruce forest. Michael thinks he has gone away and frozen to death.

Missing cases

Text written by Vivian Hestenes ( Per- Arnes sister ) :
“Dear Michael Winger . Thank you for taking the trip and came to Breim. We had never looked for our dear Per- Arne there without your help ! We are you forever grateful! Hope that people can open their eyes and let you work with what you do best!

Text written by Hans Andenæs , friend of the family , head of the private search team and former manager of Gloppen Red Cross :
“Thank you for the effort Michael ! Your help was essential that we found Per- Arne” 
“Wingers advice was crucial that we did the findings”

Frank Andre Gundersen

Disappeared 5. May 2014. Found 29. May 2014

Frank Andre was found dead in the woods in Skogbygda in Nes of Michael and Erlend Laupsa and his dog Nike . The missing person are found in the woods at the bottom of a slope with many rocks and below it flows a small stream. Michael had about a week in advance described an area he believed the missing were in.

Michael writes in an email to a researcher that he sees the missing person leaving the house he was last seen in, and runs into the forest. He sees the missing person lying lifeless in the woods on a hillside with lots of rocks and a small stream or river below. Michael describes the direction and the parking lot you come to if you are driving a car to the appropriate location. He also describes a forest of tall pines.

Missing cases

Text written by Per Arne Gundersen ( Frank Andres father ) :
“I do not care about what the police and critics say . Without Michael Winger I had still been searching for my son”

“Thanks to you, Michael Winger that you could find my son when not the police managed . I am grateful for the rest of my life, and will never again doubt that some people have abilities that can benefit us all good “

Håkon Andersen

Disappeared 11. December 2012. Found 20. April 2013

Håkon was found dead in the deep forests in Aremark for over 4 months with search operations. Håkon was detected after Michael pointed out on a map where Håkon was located. Michael and his team did even take a trip out to the big forest and found Håkons axe and some clothing. This was given to the police. But after a short search from the police they give up without any findings. Håkon`s brother takes with him volunteers and search dogs and a gray-haired man from Halden finds Håkon lying in a swamp. It appears that he has been walking and just fall over and died bye the cold. Just behind Håkon they find a big black bag, which is open, but with few objects. The bag that belonged Håkon was left in his car parked about 5 km away. And witnesses said that Håkon went into the woods without his backsack. Håkon was found about 1 km from the cottage in Budalsvika.

Michael writes a email to his researcher and Håkon`s brother, Richard Andersen.Michael explaines that Håkon had chosen to go to the lodge in Budalsvika. Here he spent one night. And the day after when he are going to return he loses quickly the trail. The trail goes to the right, while Håkon is more straight forward and slightly to the left. Michael says that Håkon is in bad shape and going until he just fall down. It’s like he has gone on his knees before he falls. Michael tells that the missing person is closer than 1.5 km from the cabin than 2.5 km. On a video Michael is pointing out the direction of Håkon to Richard. Michael and Richard go this way, but without the GPS equipment, they can not leave the paths. They are then approximately 100 meters from where the missing person are found later. Michael also says in an email to Richard that an elderly man with gray hair will find him alone. A smaller search party is nearby. Michael says that Håkon has no bag on the way to the cabin, but on the way back, he has a dark backpack. Michael chose to go back with his team after the first trip and they found after a short search Håkons axe and some clothing. They contacted Richard and police.

Missing cases

Text written by Richard ( Håkons brother ) :
“So a very big thank you to Michael Winger, you took the long trip from Jessheim and down here , and managed to find this axe , which in turn made ​​sure we found Håkon today. THANK YOU.”

” .. It is thanks to Michael Winger that Håkon now is found. So again , thank you Michael . “

To all of those that is found, but still missing:
Rest in Peace